Friendship is Magic Lip Balm Set - Six Tube Set

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My Little Pony Lip Balm Series: a six pack of the friends. Twilight's Pom-Blackberry, Apple Jack's Apple Cider, Fluttershy's Sweet Honeysuckle, Rarity's Vanilla Lavender, Pinkie Pie's Cupcakes and Rainbow Dash's Rainbow Sherbet.

Package artwork by FlashnFuse at

All natural lip balm with an incredibly smooth texture.

Made with an organic beeswax base and all natural, food grade ingredients that soothe and care for your skin.

Ingredients: organic beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin e oil, food grade flavor oil, stevia.

Made in small batches to ensure the best in quality and flavor.

My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro, Inc.

Materials: organic beeswax,coconut oil,olive oil,vitamin e,stevia,flavor oil

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