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Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Delight Naturals! Thank you for joining our Affiliate Program.

The following terms and conditions apply to individuals who are accessing or using the Program both as a merchant (“we” or “merchant”) and an affiliate (“you” or “affiliate”) who refers customers to use products or services from the merchant.

By participating in the Program, Affiliate agrees to use the Program in the manner specified in, and is bound by, these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety, you are not authorized to register as an Affiliate or to participate in the Program in any manner.


1. Registration and Disclosure of Promotion Channels

We reserve the right to approve or reject any Affiliate Program Registration in our sole and absolute discretion.

At registration time, affiliate must provide (via the signup page) links to any website and/or social media accounts where promotion will occur. It is the affiliate’s responsibility to notify merchant if any new websites or social media accounts are added. If affiliate plans to advertise on multiple websites or social medial accounts, please email as list through the contact link on the affiliate portal:

Merchant reserves the right to review all websites and social media accounts which affiliate intends to promote on. Merchant may restrict or disapprove promotion on any website or social media account at merchant’s sole discretion.


2. Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are automatically generated and may be downloaded from the affiliate portal at

Affiliate may advertise affiliate links on their owned and operated websites and/or social media channels. Affiliate may NOT advertise links on any public or private internet forums, message boards, and social media groups that are not hosted on affiliates owned and operated websites. Sharing of affiliate links on forums that are not part of the affiliate’s owned and operated websites or social media channels will result in removal of the affiliate from the program.

Affiliate is responsible for disclosure of promotional partnerships per relevant legal guidelines.


3. Coupon Codes

Each affiliate will be assigned a coupon code that allows them to offer discounts to potential customers of Delight Naturals.

Coupon codes are good for a percentage off the first purchase made by a new customer. 

The coupon code along with current associated percentage discount may be viewed in the affiliate portal at

When a customer visits the Delight Naturals site through an affiliate link, the affiliate’s coupon code will automatically be applied at checkout.

Customers may also enter the affiliate coupon at checkout and, if eligible, that purchase will be applied to the affiliates commission. Note, however, that if a customer enters the coupon code directly versus arriving through the affiliate link, subsequent first 30 day purchases will not be trackable and therefore not eligible for commission.

Sharing of coupons on forums that are not part of the affiliate’s owned and operated websites or social media channels will result in removal of the affiliate from the program.

Affiliate is responsible for disclosure of promotional partnerships per relevant legal guidelines.


4. Commissions and payment 

Refer any new customer, who makes a purchase on our website, to receive a commission. Amount is calculated based on commission structure. Commission amount is dependent on order value (after discounts and not including tax or shipping cost). Commissions are NOT paid on orders from existing customer accounts or for customers with a shipping address and/or email address matching an existing customer account.

Current commission percentages are available in the affiliate portal at:

All orders placed by eligible referred customers within 30 days of initial referral qualify for commission. Cookies are used to track customer and referral link clicks. Referred customers must have cookies enabled for us to track and pay commissions.

For an Affiliate to receive payments, payment details must be specified on the settings page in the affiliate portal. Payment schedule is described on the Settings page.

Payments will only include commissions for transactions that have been successfully completed. Use of the Affiliate Program is subject to a fair use policy which gives the merchant the right to review every referral order. Status of commission if displayed in Commission tab, any paid commission will be listed on Payment tab. Transactions that result in chargebacks or refunds will not be paid out.

Affiliate has the option of receiving payouts in store credit at a multiple of commission dollar value. For details, please contact merchant at:


5. Marketing tools

The Affiliate Marketing Tools page may be accessed via the affiliate portal at:

Product Links – The portal provides a tool to generate referral links to specific products or collections on our website. To use this tool, paste the URL of the desired product or collection page into the Product Links generator. It will generate a qualified referral link to that product or collection tied to your affiliate account.

Media Assets – We will share promotion media such as banners, logos, or specific collection promotions to you through the Marketing Tool tab. You can download the media or the HTML embed code in order to share on affiliate channels. By providing marketing assets, we are giving the affiliate permission to use our trademarked brand name and intellectual property for the purpose of promoting our brand. If promotional assets are needed, please contact merchant at:


6. Removal from Referral Program

If an affiliate wishes to be removed from the affiliate program, they can do so by contacting us through the Partner Contact form in the affiliate portal:

Merchant reserves the right to remove affiliates from the affiliate program at any time, for any reason.