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Reward and Referral Program

At Delight Naturals, we love our loyal customers.

We have created generous rewards and referral programs to thank you for your business.

Here's how it works.

Rewards Program

Once you have created an account and have logged in, you can earn Delight Dollars for various activities:

 Activity Reward
Signup/Create an Account 10 Delight Dollars
Purchase from our Website 1 Delight Dollar for every $1 spent
Like us on Facebook 5 Delight Dollars
Follow us on Instagram 5 Delight Dollars
Share us on Facebook 10 Delight Dollars
Celebrate your Birthday 20 Delight Dollars

As you accumulate Delight Dollars, you can spend them on various rewards. Rewards that are currently available are:


$5 off discount 50 Delight Dollars
$10 off discount 100 Delight Dollars
$25 off discount 250 Delight Dollars


In order to participate in the Delight Naturals Delight Dollars rewards program, you must first create an account and login on our website.

Once you have created an account, you can access the rewards program by clicking the rewards icon on the lower right corner of the screen.

On mobile devices, look for the shopping bag icon with a heart:

On desktop/laptop devices look for the icon that says "Rewards":

When you click this icon, it will show you your rewards balance as well as available rewards.

Referral Program

In addition to our basic rewards program, we offer referral program as well. When you refer a friend to our site and they make their first purchase with us, they get a percentage discount on their order and you get a $ credit good for future orders.

To use the referral program, visit the rewards icon at the bottom of the page and select "Refer your friends". This will give you a special link that you can send to your friend that will give them a discount. When your friend places their first order, you will receive a reward in your account.

Note that only first time customers are eligible for referrals.

Delight Naturals reserves the right to reject any referral bonus at any time, and referral rewards amounts may change from time to time. 

Misuse of the Delight Dollars points or referral program may lead to permanent exclusion from the program or cancellation of future orders. For questions regarding eligibility and use, please contact us at