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Churro Lip Scrub

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Delight Naturals 
Churro Lip Scrub

Natural lip scrub made with real cane sugar and our super smooth lip balm base. Gently exfoliates and moisturizes. Listing is for a single, .15 oz. tube.

Scrub onto your lips directly from the tube or with fingers. Wipe or lick off the sugar when you're done. Lips are soft, smooth and subtly plumped.

Cinnamon churro flavored.

Ingredients: beeswax*, coconut oil*, olive oil, cane sugar, stevia*, flavor oil, sweet almond oil. (*Organic ingredient.)

Listing is for a single tube, .15 oz. tube.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I already own the Jumbo Churro lip balm

And this is just as good! Smaller sugar crystals, which I love. Perfect for removing dry skin. Tastes and smells just like a cinnamon sugar donut or a churro!

Sara G

I’ve never had a Churro. I don’t even know what a Churro is. I’m in a lip balm Facebook group and this lip balm/scrub gets mentioned at least daily and is usually sold out so I figured I’d better try it. Man, am I glad I did!!! I bought the lip scrub which is a cinnamon sugary scrub. I keep applying and licking it off it’s so good! I’ll be buying duplicates very soon.

Ashley swatsworth

This is such a great scent for a lip scrub! Smells and feels amazing. Love it!

It’s food!!! 😋

I rarely need a lip scrub, even during winter, but I consider this particular scrub a need 😆. It is the same cinnamon sugar goodness as the balms. It is so realistic to cinnamon sugar, that I keep looking for cinnamon bits in it and the churro balm lol. It’s not that artificial potpourri type of cinnamon smell, but like the actual spice found in pies and such..very balanced with the sugar. At this point, I’m eating it as a snack 😆. However, it does work very well as a scrub, and leaves a nice layer of moisture 😍😍😍.

Andrea Young
I could eat this lip scrub for breakfast. lunch , and dinner it's SOOOO GOOOD!

OMG!!!! This tastes JUST like a yummy cinnamon churro treat! :) and I just LOOOVE how very realistic it is to a real cinnamon churro it was a brilliant idea to turn the churro flavor into a lip scrub cause it truely is like having a real dessert in a tube! :) it really feels like I am licking the cinnamon and sugar from a real churro off my lips when I use it OMG!!! It's SOOO fun! I am in LOOOVE with this I LOOOVE using it along with the churro lip balm it makes my lips feel SOOOO soft just like butter and it tastes SOOOO GOOOOOD! If you haven't tried the churro balm and scrub yet I HIGHLY HIGGGGHHHHLLLLYYY recommend doing so! You are missing out on a REAL GEM if you don't! This flavor is simply incredible! I will be buying like a billion and a half more of this scrub it is so amazing and SUCH a "DELIGHT" to use! :)