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Jumbo Creamy Coffee Lip Balm

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Delight Naturals 
Jumbo Creamy Coffee Lip Balm

All natural lip balm with an incredibly smooth texture. Listing is for a single, JUMBO tube, .50 ounces.

Our all natural lip balm has an incredibly smooth texture and uses high quality, food grade ingredients. A base of beeswax and coconut oil soothes and heals the driest of lips. Handcrafted in small batches to ensure the best quality and flavor.

Sweet, rich coffee and creamy vanilla flavored.

Ingredients: beeswax*, coconut oil*, olive oil, stevia*, flavor oil. (*Organic ingredient.)

Listing is for a single, JUMBO tube, .50 ounces.

Customer Reviews

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Rosiella Vanhorn
Jumbo, juicy, jubilantly brilliant balm!!

I am a self confessed lip balm junkie.. there's only a few brands that I've enjoyed the formula of their balms enough to have jumbo sizes of ['Zandra' that's a great waxy, overnight balm and 'Treat' that's an emollient, fast absorbing early mornin' balm] and after fallin' in love with this particular flavour that'd come in a set from 'Delight Naturals' - I HAD to get the jumbo version.

I'd been tryin' to find a perfect coffee balm, and this is it for me. It's an excellent, every day, all day go-to. The formula is emollient enough to last without reapplying every fifteen minutes, but it don't start squishing into itself after bein' used a handful of times, either, havin' a waxy enough base to stick around hydrating and moisturizing your lips long after the delicious flavour dissipates. It's that perfect daytime formula for days I don't wear lipstick or anything and the flavour, yes, is sensational!! I've now got the regular size for my purse and this jumbo guy to keep on my coffee table to use day to day!

It's not such an overpowering scent / flavour for anyone that prefers those barely there scented balms, if that's you.. and overall, I seriously could NOT recommend this balm more!! For anyone lookin' for this kinda flavour / scent, from an amazingly considerate indie brand, with a gorgeous formula and extremely affordable price for the quality of the product - just go for it, you won't regret it!

Thank you so much! This is such a great review and we appreciate your insight and attention to detail.

Love it!

Love the coffee scent! It’s so smooth!


I am obsessed with anything coffee scented or flavored and this is the best of both worlds...It has an amazing coffee scent and coffe flavor and feels super moisturizing on the lips.