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Jumbo Fruity Rubble Lip Balm

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Delight Naturals 
Jumbo Fruity Rubble Lip Balm

Natural, simple ingredient lip balms with an incredibly smooth texture. Listing is for a single JUMBO, .50 oz. tube.

A base of beeswax and coconut oil soothes and heals the driest of lips. Handcrafted in small batches to ensure the best quality and flavor.

Sweet and fruity crispy cereal flavored.

Ingredients: beeswax*, olive oil, coconut oil*, stevia*, flavor oil. (*Organic ingredient.) All ingredients are the highest quality and food grade.

Listing is for a single JUMBO, .50 oz. tube. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
april maruca
My journey with Delight naturals…

My journey with delight naturals?? Yes, Maybe a bit dramatic, I know. But I am going on my 16th jumbo size and between 10 to 15 single tubes. I am obsessed with lip balms. Not lip gloss or Chapstick,… those are for amateurs. These are by far The queen of all lip balms. The consistency is very creamy and not waxy. There is very little shine and keeps your lips moisturized for hours. I’ve slathered these sticks all over my face practically. The smell and flavor are fantastic.. No seriously the flavors are amazing. I absolutely love this company and I will continue to stalk them. They are top-of-the-line, you’ll never get better. I promise and you’re welcome!!
👄 💦 🫠


This is 100% fruity pebbles scented and flavored! My first time buying and you guys have a new customer for life. No chemical smell whatsoever. It’s much better than Treat beauty lip balm

Feeling like a Flintstone

If you love fruity pebbles but don’t want the extra calories, then this is a must buy. It tastes exactly like fruity pebbles! One of the best!

Andrea Young
better than breakfast! :)

this is SUCH a yummy fruity pebbles scent and I LOVE the marshmallowy vanilla note mixed in with it it really blends well and smells SOOOO GOOOOD with the fruity cereal smell I am in love with this one! :)

Perfection!! 🍋 🍊 🍒 🥣 🥛

I’m pretty fanatical when it comes to fruity pebbles/Froot loops things, and lip balm is no exception. I have so many balms in this flavor, and this one is my absolute favorite!! The scent and flavor last forever!

Usually FP lippies have a perfume or soapy taste, but this one tastes as good as it smells 🤤. I pick up some type of vanilla or marshmallow too, which causes it to translate as a fruity pebbles frosting 🤤. So you definitely get the cereal, but also a nice creamy note to balance out all of the fruit. The texture is insanely smooth, creamy, and moisturizing...more so than DN balms usually are 😍😍😍. It’s an everyday staple for me, and is a joy to use 😃😃😃.