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Pina Colada Cocktail Lip Balm

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Delight Naturals
Pina Colada Lip Balm

Natural, simple ingredient lip balms with an incredibly smooth texture. Listing is for a single, .15 oz tube.

A base of beeswax and coconut oil soothes and heals the driest of lips. Handcrafted in small batches to ensure the best quality and flavor.

Tropical and delicious pineapple and coconut flavored. Does not contain any alcohol.

Ingredients: beeswax*, olive oil, coconut oil*, stevia*, flavor oil. (*Organic ingredient.) All ingredients are the highest quality and food grade.

Listing is for a single, .15 oz. tube.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love the flavor and formula!

Amazingly smooth and just the right amount of thickness. It doesn’t make my lips sticky like some mainstream brands do (these other brands also leave me feeling dried out after a short time wearing them). I also love the flavor, and the variety of flavors in general. There are so many I want to try!

Stacy Neuman
Great lip balm, great customer service!

Delight Naturals actually sent me the Chardonnay lip balm by mistake. I emailed Delight Naturals and very kindly they sent me and replacement right away. The lip balm smells amazing! And as always a great smooth formula! Thank you Sam and everyone at Delight Naturals!

If you like pina coladas..

This is for you! I get this for my bestie and she loves it.

Andrea Young
who needs an ACTUAL pina colada when you got this balm?!

just take this "delightful" lil balm with ya on vacation and you won't even have to buy one! :)

Diane Hambric
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