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Sweet-Ish Fish Lip Balm

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Delight Naturals 
Sweet-Ish Fish Lip Balm

Natural, simple ingredient lip balms with an incredibly smooth texture. Listing is for a single, .15 oz tube.

A base of beeswax and coconut oil soothes and heals the driest of lips. Handcrafted in small batches to ensure the best quality and flavor.

Sweet berry gummy candy flavored.

Ingredients: beeswax*, olive oil, coconut oil*, stevia*, flavor oil. (*Organic ingredient.) All ingredients are the highest quality and food grade.

Listing is for a single, .15 oz. tube.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I love it. Doesn’t smell like Swedish fish to me but I can’t quite pinpoint what it is maybe smarties?? Either way I want to eat it lol

Andrea Young
the sweet-ish fish in the land! :) :) :)

uuummm YUUUMMM!!! This lip balm is SOOOO yummy and spot on to the candy! :) smells JUST like chewy yummy gummy candy! OMG it is just DANDY!!! ;) It will be SOOOO awesome to have this in my purse anytime I am craving sweetish fish! haha! :) and can we talk about the packaging OMG the PACKAGING is the CUUUUTEST EVAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! makes me SOOO happy!!! hehe! :) :) :)