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Our Best Birthday Yet

Our Best Birthday Yet

Four years ago this month, we started pouring lip balms. Peppermint flavored, without labels, using the same recipe we use today. We packaged them up and shipped them to a family friend, who was in need of an extra soothing, natural lip balm during his chemotherapy. Much to our surprise and delight, our lip balms were a hit - not only with our friend (who beat his cancer!), but his family and the hospital staff. It was then we realized we should start a business, making kissable, hydrating lip balms in an array of fun flavors.

Sitting with my daughters, trying to figure out a business name, my oldest said "They're natural and they're delightful. What about Delight Naturals?" I loved her idea so much and that weekend, Delight Naturals was born. The name reminds me every day of our mission to create products that are made from natural ingredients that make our customers happy.

As the years have gone by, Delight Naturals has grown and thrived, adding new products and reaching our customers in fun new ways. But we were always slowed down by still being a "hobby business." I was still working full time hours at my day job, only able to devote some of my nights and weekends to my passion project. I leaned on my family and friends (the "we" of Delight Naturals) to help me pour, label and package products with me. I would jokingly say that any day I'd be successful enough to work full time at Delight. 

Then for my own birthday this year, I got more than I could have ever asked for when I entered a partnership with an investor (and one of my best friends), Dan. This partnership allows me to work at Delight Naturals full time, with the unlimited ability to grow. Today is my first day as a full time employee within in my own small business and there's no better way to celebrate our fourth year than by putting everything we can into Delight Naturals. While I'll still lean on my family and friends for help, that's only because wrapping lip balms is the best way to spend a Friday night!

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